Cute Otters

Pictures & Video of the world's cutest animal!

Otter Brain Freeze?

February 28th, 2015

This video is currently going viral for showing Gidget from the Monterey Bay Aquarium getting some brain freeze from munching on ice. She’s the cutest!

Otter Pups Eating Breakfast

February 27th, 2015

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida recently helped to rescue two baby otters seen here eating breakfast and looking adorable.

These two baby otters were found completely unresponsive alongside a body of water near Orange Blossom Drive in Naples. After getting a call about a dead otter in the area just a few days prior, when someone called to alert us to two babies with no parents in sight, von Arx Wildlife Hospital Director Joanna Fitzgerald went out herself to bring the pups back to the hospital.

Sea Otter Pup Born at Santa Cruz Long Marine Laboratory

January 23rd, 2015


This is great news for researchers as they will now be able to study a nursing mother up close and monitor her caloric needs.

The pup remains nameless, since researchers plan to release it in the wild this summer, after it weans off its mother’s milk. To avoid the pup developing an attraction toward humans, researchers limit their interaction, enclosing the pool it shares with its mother behind a screened fence. Its gender remains unknown.

Source – Santa Cruz Sentinel

Cute Otters

Pictures & Video of the world's cutest animal!