About CuteOtters.com

Who are you and why did you start this site?

My name is Peter and I’ve always liked otters. I found myself collecting pictures of otters for years and I decided to share them with anyone interested. Since I live in California, I thought it was also important to let people know about the endangered sea otter.

What can I do to help the sea otter?

If you’re a California resident, you can donate money on your tax form. Visit Friends of the Sea Otter or Defenders of Wildlife for other ways to help the otter.

Where can I see otters near me?

I’m working on a guide to all of the zoos and parks where you can see otters. Look for it soon!

How can I submit pictures or video?

Just e-mail me at peter@cuteotters.com with the following: the picture in JPG or other format with the location of the photo and any story and information you can provide. In addition to your picture, I’d love to hear the story behind your picture. Also, if you have any personal or business website you’d like me to add to your submission, I’d be happy to link to it.

Hey, that’s my picture on your site!

Sometimes people send me pictures or links claiming to be the photographer. If there’s something posted here that’s yours, e-mail me so I can add proper attribution and a link to your website. I could also take the picture down but if you’re a serious photographer, wouldn’t you want the publicity? Just remember that a few photographers have sold their otter photos to media because they were discovered here!

Do you make a lot of money with your site?

No. With the traffic and effort it takes to run the site, I end up losing money on it. Probably the only animal website that’s profitable is the best animal site ever, Cute Overload.

How can I submit a question for the FAQ?

Click here to E-mail me.

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